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Walk-through haunted attraction located in the underground parkade of New Horizon Mall in Balzac, Alberta.

Proud to be a social enterprise.

Haunted House


The dark forces of a macabre fog ensnare your ankles, gripping you and entwining you in the eternal history of this place's dark lore.


The witch's very breath had given birth to this house, sprung from the deepest depths of nightmares.


It is a cursed place, damned to bring ill fortune to all who wander on to its sour land. The house throbs with the layered memories of centuries of horrors, each occupant or tresspasser doomed to terror.


Desperate to rid the taint of this haunted house, many tried to demolish it. They all failed, driven to madness or meeting fatal ends for their efforts.


Finally, a shopping mall was built around the house, enclosing it in a concrete tomb and laying waste to the tragedies under the calming stroke of the familiar.


But the evil could not be contained. The aura of the house beckons to foully-fated visitors like yourself. Something draws you there. Something not of the mortal realm.... Something.... WICKED.

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Can't Find Us?


We are in the underground parkade of New Horizon Mall in Balzac.  Drive in to the heated underground parkade at the NW corner of the mall  (the corner closest to Highway 2 and CrossIron Blvd).  Drive up to the black roll-up doors and they will open automatically).   


While the mall is open, you can also enter through the mall, enjoy the fun vendors upstairs, then take the escalator at the center of the mall downstairs to the parkade.   However, please note that there is no access to the mall once they close at 7pm.  

We are in the SE corner of the parkade- you'll see us lurking in the dark!


Please drive carefully in the parkade.

Haunted Calgary is a social enterprise, mainly driven by the hard work of volunteers, supporting local charities. Experience our hand-crafted walk-through Halloween attraction in the underground parkade of New Horizon Mall. Every year is a unique attraction design, so don't miss your chance to experience "Wicked," Haunted Calgary's 2022 attraction, designed in loving memory of our Wicked Witch. Twist and wind through about 8,000 square feet of horrors.


For guaranteed entry, purchase your tickets online in advance. Due to COVID, numbers will be limited.


Masks are still recommended because it turns out that monsters are susceptible to COVID-19 too. You will be asked to sanitize your hands before entry. If you are feeling ill, have tested positive for COVID-19, have travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days, or have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms, please rebook your ticket for an alternate date, or transfer it to a friend. Vaccination for COVID-19 is highly recommended.


Note: The "family-friendly" times feature reduced scares, but may still be inappropriate for some viewers. There may still be scenes of blood, gore, and violence. The lights will be brighter and the actors reduced, with a softer approach, during family-friendly times.

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