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Custom Props and Sets

Have an idea for an awesome prop or set for your film, stage show, party, or corporate event?  We'd love to bring it to reality!  
Each prop or set will be built to order.  Please contact or call 587-333-4437 to discuss your idea and get a quote.  While Halloween and horror are our specialties, we're always eager for a challenge and we can work with any theme you throw at us!

Prop and Costume Rentals

Want to set up your own haunted house but don't want to spend lots of money purchasing new props?  Don't want to store it?  Want to change your theme each year?  Perfect reasons to rent!
Rental periods may be negotiated.  Kits will be similar in theme and number of items to those shown below, but individual pieces may differ slightly.  All rentals are subject to a $25 delivery charge within Calgary unless otherwise noted. Delivery outside of Calgary may be negotiable.

If you are interested in renting a set of props, please contact

Do you have an idea for a theme or want to rent a specific prop that you've seen in action?  Contact us for a personalized quote.  We can also do other holidays and theme parties throughout the year.


Rental: $250​

Create your own zombie-infested city scene!



  • 1 authentic Calgary Transit bus ticket collector machine

  • Authentic Calgary Transit bus advertisements (vintage)

  • Authentic Calgary Transit routes (vintage)

  • Tim Hortons tablecloth

  • Rona advertisements

  • 2 TNT dynamite boxes

  • 2 gas pumps

  • Skeleton hand bucket

  • Light effects

  • Assorted print-outs: "Beware of Zombies" style signs

  • Assortment of guns

  • Police and swat costume accessory kits

Body Parts & Masks

Rental: $100

Perfect for almost any haunted scene




  • Tote full of assorted body parts (mostly feet and arms)

  • Assorted skeleton body parts

  • Witch 

  • Hanging Skull floater

  • Creepy hanging baby

  • Bag full of foam heads (can be used on their own or to display masks)

  • Set of legs

  • Tote full of assorted masks


Rental: $250​

No haunt is complete without a cemetery




  • 3 child size brown toe-pincher coffins with red cross

  • 7 child-size skeletons (some with missing limbs, one missing head)

  • Latex skeleton

  • Tim Burton style tombstone

  • 2 Dracula tombstones

  • Barry Deep tombstone

  • 6 tombstone ruins

  • RIP tombstone with skulls at top, middle has red eyes

  • RIP tombstone with skeletal fingers wrapping around both sides

  • RIP tombstone with columns on the side

  • RIP tombstone with skull and crossbones

  • 2 RIP tombstones with bat

  • Celtic-style hand-carved tombstone

  • Cryptic Kook tombstone

  • Grave popper tombstone

  • Cross tombstone with skull and roses

  • Faded tombstone (flaking paint)

  • RIP tombstone with skulls at the top

  • RIP tombstone with skeleton bat

  • RIP tombstone with rose and skull with red eyes

  • RIP tombstone with grim reaper with red eyes

  • 6 Styrofoam heads

  • Lantern (missing one piece of glass)

  • Large rope spiderweb

  • Silver urn

  • 2 white plastic skulls

  • Ceramic owl

  • Leaning angel ornament (bottom broken off)

  • Black cape

  • Black cape with red lined pointed hood

  • Grim reaper rope

  • Cape with purple trim

  • Small wrought iron decorative gate

  • Latex zombie

  • V-split tombstone

  • Foam head with black shroud

  • Hanging skull with robe

  • 2 death masks

  • Scary hanging baby

  • 3 white crosses

  • Creepy undertaker mask on foam head

  • Grim reaper tombstone

  • 3 Pygmy skeletons (some missing limbs)

  • Paper mache skull

  • 2 plastic gargoyles

  • Hanging grim reaper

  • Gorilla skull

  • Drak Ula tombstone

  • 2 Mummy skulls

  • Ornate cross tombstone

  • “The Night is Not Over” sign

  • 2 Foam skulls

  • Skull with black roses

  • Black and green furry spider

  • Bloody bucket

  • Plastic crow

  • RIP Spiderweb tombstone

  • Child-size rectangular grey coffin with RIP tombstone attached

  • Plexiglas mirror with skull frame

  • Skull wreath (some foam damage)