2018 - Hollywood Horror

2017 - Hollywood Horror

2016- St. Abaddon's Reformatory school

2015- The Coven

Welcome to the sleepy town of Salem Massachusetts, 1692. Bathsheba Moore was always the outcast- living in the woods, keeping to herself. The townsfolk thought she was insane, and they underestimated her power. 


Shunned and ostracized, Bathsheba’s interest in witchcraft and the occult grew. She found that she had incredible talents and she embraced the dark arts. Her power grew stronger and she knew she had to take back the town. 


One night, she entered the town and found the cabin of little Lyca Goode and her family. Killing Lyca’s mother was just too easy, but Bathsheba had other plans for Lyca. She would use Lyca to infiltrate the town, drive the townsfolk mad with fear, and turn them against each other. Possessing the girl was more challenging that Bathsheba had counted on- the girl had powers of her own. Now the town is plagued by an evil infestation that turns neighbour against neighbour, sister against sister, and Salem will never be the same.

2014 - The Coven

2013 - CarnieVille

2012 -  Outbreak

It’s December 2012 and a mind-altering pathogen has taken over the planet.  The epi-centre is in Calgary, AB where a rogue researcher at the university had been working on a method of quickly spreading a biotoxin through the population which would allow politicians to control the minds of voters.  Animal tests had gone well, but he was concerned about their increased propensity to cannibalism.  When he injected himself with the virus as the first human test case, he realized that something had gone horribly wrong.  Instead of thirsting for political change, he had an insatiable craving for human flesh.  As the minutes wore on, he could feel himself changing.  He knew he  needed to get to the antidote, but his cravings were taking over.  They were just too strong and he went off in search of flesh...


The disease was aggressively virulent and spread quickly around the world by contact with zombie saliva (bites).  All attempts to contain it failed and the world is in the grip of a zombie apocalypse.  Small groups of survivors remain, but if they can’t find a cure, not for long.  A glimmer of hope arrives when one of Dr. Campbell’s grad students finds an email from him to a fellow professor about the antidote.  Sure it must be stored in his laboratory, she decides to lead a small group of fearless zombie hunters to try to retrieve it.  All hope for humanity relies on their success....


The cure for mankind is located in the laboratory at the University of Calgary Vet School- when participants find it, they must eat some (a piece of candy) to gain immunity to the zombies.  The cure will only work if it’s stored in Dr. Campbell’s cryogenic freezing facility so to save their friends, the zombie hunters will need to tell them where the cure is hidden and how to survive the zombies on their search....


2010 - Ghoulsom prison




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