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Haunted Calgary is one of the longest running attractions in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Over 2500 man-power hours are dedicated by volunteers to design and construct the attraction each year: our "Fear Engineers".  Another 60 or so people volunteer each night as cast and crew:  our "Scream Team."  

Haunted Calgary offers hands-on experience for youth and adults looking to build skills in areas such as: construction, architectural design, theatre, set design, costuming, and much more.  We've partnered with agencies such as Calgary Alpha House Society, Girl Guides of Canada, and the University of Calgary to provide job-training experience and resume-building opportunities as well as service projects.  

As one of Calgary's largest haunted attractions, most guests take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to explore- depending on how brave they are! This is a popular attraction, so be prepared to wait in lines during peak hours, or you can purchase a Fast Pass for accelerated entry. Wear sturdy footwear for safety. Costumes are welcome, but please leave weapons and large or bulky costumes at home, in your vehicle, or check them with our box office volunteers to avoid injury or getting stuck in tight spaces.


Our Family Frights Thrill Zone is the perfect Halloween attraction for families with young children featuring fun bouncy castles.  Low scare hours on the afternoons offer a spooky thrill without the scare, perfect for all ages (though there may be some scary or gory scenes so parental discretion is advised). 


Our terrifying haunted attractions are designed with teens and adults in mind and be warned, you might just wet your pants!  Parental discretion is strongly advised and while the main attractions are not recommended for children, they are welcome as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.  

We are a social enterprise.  Thanks to the efforts of countless volunteers, we are able to donate a percentage of profits for the attraction are donated to local charitable partners


Scare you soon!

2019 Annual Report

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