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I was scared from start to finish. I've never screamed so much in my life. Witty, bloody and creepy all in one. Great job!! Worth more than a $10 donation.

Kate Lee

Facebook Review 2015

Holy crap! My mind has been absolutely blown !!! If you go to just one haunted house this year make it this one it!

Jennifer Hook

Facebook Review 2015

That was fantastic!! So much work and passion went into making this possible. Thanks so much to everyone for reviving community spirit!!

Bryce Kostick

Facebook Review 2013

Awesome.... First time there and it was great....proceeds are for Oops-a-Daisy.....the actors were wonderful and the maze of dark hallways were well put together.....excellent job guys....keep it up cuz you rocked Halloween....

Liliane Massie

Facebook Review 2014

Amazing, had an awesome time and so realistic. So many amazing features. Totally recommend everyone to check this place out.

Cassandra Fazekas

Facebook Review 2015

I loved it! It was an amazing experience!!!

Thais De Lima Soares

Facebook Review 2016

Fun and must do, especially with someone who scares easily.

Laurie Jeselon

Facebook Review 2016

Fantastic job they do! My kids love it, has become a Halloween tradition for us.

Jennelle Garcia

Facebook Review 2016

We had a great time it was so much fun, very creative and freaky can't wait to see it next year !!

Bess Barbilis

Facebook Review 2016

I went last year and am planning to go again this year. I was really well done :)

Cassandrea Genereux

Facebook Review 2013

This is the most haunted house in Calgary! Thank you to the team of Haunted Calgary because even at 32 years old we were in a funk! Awesome!!! Thank you so much again!

Laura-Gil Marquis

Facebook Review 2016


Shelly K Isfeld

Facebook Review 2013

This haunted house is going to be awesome. Can't wait to see all the people come by and see it.

Natasha Gabriel

Facebook Review 2015

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