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Volunteer opportunities



  • Scream Team: Scare Actors

  • Fear Engineers- construction crew and demolition crew (May through October; early November)

  • Welders- for special projects

  • Electricians- to run lighting and hook up animatronics

  • Audio technician- to plan and run sound effects and music

  • Graphic Designer- to create ads, banners, etc.

  • Marketing- help us get the word out (especially during October)

  • Front-of-House and Backstage help- various tasks such as checking wristbands, security, box office, traffic control, etc.

  • Seamstress- costume design

  • Makeup Artists- SFx makeup


No experience is necessary.  We can find a job for virtually any skill (or lack-thereof).  That said, experience in construction, theatre, electrical, set design, art, project management, marketing, and graphic design are sought-after!

  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • Safety gear such as steel toed boots and work gloves are strongly recommended for construction. Close-toed shoes are required at a minimum.


You might not get paid in dollars, but you'll reap many rewards from haunting!

  • At the end of the season, 30% of our profits will be donated to local charitable organizations as honorariums for our volunteers.  You get to select your favourite charity from our list of charitable partners and your hours will go directly to them!

  • Volunteer hours for school or work (letters of reference available on request with at least four week's notice, 8 weeks' notice from September to November).

  • Community spirit.  Bring joy to thousands!

  • New skills- learn to use power tools, basic electrical, special fx makeup, set design, etc.

  • Job training- many skills you'll learn are transferable to a workplace.

  • New friends!

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