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Please select a date below to see the available ticket types.   When you click each timeslot, it will tell you what type of event is offered. 

Generally speaking, daytime shows are low scare (recommended for children and those who want to enjoy the sets without the scare).  Evening shows after 5pm are full scare (recommended for ages 12+).

We are offering sensory-friendly hours from 2-3pm on October 1 and 30.

November 3 is Glowstick Night- a lights-out event where your group will get a glowstick to explore the haunt.

November 4 is Hell Night- a wide game where you may become a zombie!

RIP Superpasses allow you to experience all of Haunted Calgary's event offerings. 

Ticket numbers are limited to allow a safe and enjoyable experience for all (no one likes a conga line haunt!).   While tickets are available at the door if still available, prices may be higher than online and special offers such as group rates are not available.  We recommend buying online to avoid disappointment. 

If you're having troubles with checkout, please try reloading the ticketing website in a new tab by clicking here.  Some browsers and cookie settings seem to interfere with the checkout process.

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