* Tickets are sold by vehicle.  You can have as many people as seatbelts but please stick with people in your cohort!

Our shows

Congratulations. You made it this far, but can you make it any further? You’re about to find yourself in a very compromising situation, you seem to have taken a wrong turn and found yourself at a Dead End. Unfortunately for you, you aren’t the only ones that ended up here and you’re not exactly amongst friends. Completely cut-off and totally surrounded, there’s nowhere for you to go and you can see them coming, you can smell decay and despair. Will you sacrifice one of your own, or can you make it out together? One thing is absolutely certain, it’s you or them. Will you be a survivor? Or a meal?

Don’t bother looking for balloon animals, magic tricks or funny circus acts. These clowns have had enough, tonight they’re on the hunt. On the hunt for you. It’s you and them, no where to run, nowhere to hide and the only thing between you and carnage is your windshield. What will you see? What will they do? No one else escaped, will you? This is one Carnival you may very well regret buying a ticket to. If you didn’t hate clowns before, you will after this. Now it’s your turn to be part of the show, however, there is no guarantee you’ll get off the stage in one piece. But you know what they say, the show must go on.

Puking Pumpkins, Silly Spirits and Bouncing Bats! We have it all! An immersive family friendly, fun and memorable experience for the entire family. Appropriate for all ages! If you can’t take the kiddies Trick-or-Treating this year, bring the family in for a safe, drive-in experience with some of our more recognizable characters! Join the Monster Mash and enjoy this spooky season as a family!

Life is like Pandora’s Box, if you open it, you never know what you’re going to get. What you can be certain of, whatever you get won’t be good. There isn’t much to say about this other than we doubt you have the stomach for it. What will you find inside? Will you lose your mind? Your life? Are you awake? Or is it all a bad dream? You’ll have to drive in and find out. No spoilers here, you won’t know what’s inside until you enter. Your personal hell awaits, and there is no one that can help you. So go on, open it…we dare you. 

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