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Hell Night Rules



Welcome to Hell Night! 


Humanity is on the verge of extinction. A deadly virus has been unleashed. This pox grows and consumes everyone in its path.  The wise sought refuge at New Horizon Mall, but now the hordes of undead left festering have found their way inside. 


There is no cure, only the dim hope that you can survive long enough to let the virus run its course. As you watch your friends decay into your foes, you realize that this night is going to be Hell. Your only hope is to work together, but you never know: at any moment, your trusted confidante might become your worst enemy. An enemy who knows all your secrets and strategies. 


Be warned, our new world has some strict rules:  


  1. Running will drive zombies into a frenzy and must be avoided at all costs as it will instantly cost you a life. Do not run.


  1. The world beyond caution tape is bleak. If you stray beyond our borders, you will suffer instant infection. Do not cross the caution tape.


  1. Our world is fragile and supplies are nearly impossible to get. Both zombie and human societies recognize the need to keep our structures intact. Banging into walls and excessive or rough handling of materials or props will not be tolerated. You may be ejected from our world by Haunted Calgary leaders. 


  1. This virus has proven to make its hosts unkillable. This means that your weapons are useless and therefore have been prohibited to protect human safety. Use of a weapon of any kind, or using anything as a weapon will not be tolerated and you may be rejected by society.


To survive in our world, you will require:

  • Non-slip shoes

  • Clothing which can get dirty

  • You are encouraged to dress in apocalyptic gear if you’d like to blend in, but it’s not necessary.


Game Play:


  • You, and your fellow humans, are survivors of the apocalypse thus far, having been lucky enough to find refuge within New Horizon Mall when the outbreak took hold. 

  • The plague has rampaged for several days and now the infected have caught the scent of the living, in the bowels of New Horizon Mall. 

  • Each survivor will be gifted with three arm bands which represent “lives,” or the number of bites which you can sustain before infection. 

  • You will want to protect your lives by hiding, outwitting the zombies, working together, or sacrificing each other. You can “freeze” a zombie in their tracks for 15 seconds by tagging them with a placebo (a pool noodle).  Once used, the placebo must be surrendered to the zombie, who will rehide it.

  • A zombie “bites” you by lightly tagging your arm. When a zombie bites you, you must surrender one of your arm bands to the zombie. 

  • A zombie may only bite one person per 10 seconds (Mama always said to chew your food!).  This means that humans have a chance to get away once bitten, and others in a group can get away.

  • Once bitten, a person may not be bitten again for 10 seconds because zombies are territorial.  This may help you to survive a horde.

  • When you run out of lives, you will become a zombie. Proceed to the infection zone for makeup.

  • Lifelines are things that will help you survive, like food, water, or medicine.  You will find them as cards hidden throughout Haunted Calgary.  As the game goes on, new lifelines may appear.  Find one each of food, water, and medicine and bring them to the decontamination room to earn an extra life.  Some lifelines also have specific benefits which will be stated on their card. For instance, a lifeline may block a zombie attack or repel zombies long enough for you to get away.  Lifelines can only be used once and must be turned over to the zombie, a referee, or the doctor so they can be re-hidden once used.

  • If you find the antidote card, it will restore all three lives. 

  • The Bootique is a safe zone (you can purchase water there for $2), however you may not linger. 

  • Zombies may be caught and placed into a quarantine facility (time out) by the scientists (people in white lab coats).  After 10 minutes, their virus mutates and escape back into the game.

  • The winner of Hell Night will be the last person standing. That person will win a prize package.


Good luck, and may the least delicious human win!


Earn extra prizes!

Complete the challenges below and show them to our staff at the Bootique to win Haunted Calgary swag and special treats.

  • Complete our Haunted Calgary Scavenger Hunt by the end of the game.

  • Make a Tik Tok or reel of your experience.

  • Tag @HauntedCalgary in a photo posted on social media.

  • Leave us a review on Google or Facebook.



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