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3 Terrifying, Brand New Attractions

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Check in to your worst nightmare.  We guarantee you'll never check out.

At this hotel, guests enjoy all the amenities- churn down service, skinning pool, barf and lounge, doom service, an exorcise room, and fresh-killed breakfast. 

Deep Sleep Hotel is recommended for ages 12+.

What lurks below.png

What lurks in the dark, slithering through the sewers and crouching in the shadows? 

There's a very good reason for you to be afraid of the dark.  Within the darkness is a cesspool of filth and wickedness.  

Cesspool is recommended for ages 12+.


The doctor is in. 


Bear witness to the deepest, most depraved recesses of the human mind.  The patients are mad, sure, but the doctors make them seem nearly pleasant.  

Sanitorium is recommended for ages 12+.

Something for ALl ages

Family Frights copy.png

Our Family Frights Thrill Zone is perfect for all ages and fear tolerances.  

The Family Frights Thrill Zone is filled with family activities including games, crafts, interactive sets, bouncy castles, and more.  

The Family Frights Thrill Zone is appropriate for all ages, from infant to toddlers.  There is still some spooky stuff which some children might find a little scary.  Parental discretion is advised.

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